Sep 16

Episode 18: Women in Metal, not just for show…and Mission to Lars

For Episode 18, we decided to focus on the women dominating the metal music scene. We go all the way back to the 70s and talk about the female heavy metal bands we used to listen to and bring you into the current century with bands like Kittie, The Heathers, and several others. We also discuss “Mission to Lars”, an indie movie that I felt was just too good not to share. As always, we couldn’t play every single band out there that has a female singer or member, but we did our best to cover the veterans and newcomers alike. I am sure we’ll do another episode in the future to cover more bands, but for now, enjoy Episode 18. If you want to check out more female metal bands, check out or this vid over at Youtube.


Sep 06

Episode 17 – 25th Anniversary of …And Justice for All, and really good cover songs

Well, we’re officially older than the kids (okay, episode 16 made us older than the kids, but Savannah is almost 16 and who’s keeping track?). Episode 17 starts with  a throwback review of Metallica’s …And Justice for All album, which is now 25 years old and easily considered one of their best albums (at least by us here at AAM). We then move on to the show’s main discussion, which is cover songs. We play a range of songs covered by Fear Factory, Coroner and Exodus, just to name a few. So, what’s more interesting: A metal band covering another metal band, or covering songs completely outside of the metal genre? Got a favorite cover we didn’t play on this episode? Don’t worry, just send it on over to us and we’ll add it to the next cover song episode we do.

Songs played this Episode:

Aug 28

Episode 16: The Killswitch Engage show, diabeetus! and Bret Michael’s face

KSE LogoWait, KSE is metalcore? WTF? Isn’t that a bad thing? Here at AAM, we believe that no one should be given crap for liking a particular band or sub-genre of metal. If it resonates with you, that’s good enough for us (yes, yes… even Nickleback…). We actually think that KSE fits in the New Wave of American Metal genre classification more than metalcore, but we’ll leave the arguing to you. As part of keeping the show interesting to us, we’ve come up with a bunch of different ideas, one of which is what we’ve done in this episode: We cover a single band’s discography. We also discuss the reason’s behind Howard Jones’ departure from KSE, and update you on the Obituary Kickstarter.

As always, we’d love to hear from you, so send us some feedback. You can hit us up on facebook, twitter, tumblr, or just send us an email.

Songs played on this Episode:


Killswitch Engage

Asking Alexandria – The Final Episode (Let’s Change the Channel)

Aug 22

Episode 15: Christian Metal – Does it matter what a band sings about?

For this episode of Ask A Metalhead, Brian suggested we discuss christian metal. We ask the questions, “Does it really matter what a band sings about if they kick ass?, and “Would you stop listening to a band because of their religious preference?”. Before you skip this episode, trust me, there is some really good tunes from some bands that I really enjoyed, even as an atheist. Also, we take a quick moment to update you on the Obituary Kickstarter.

[important]Housekeeping: We confused a couple things in this episode.

  •  We incorrectly identified the singer of “Corpus Christi” as a chick (sorry Shame)
  • We incorrectly called the band “Becoming the Archetype” Dichotomy, which is an album name
  • We incorrectly gave the wrong song title for “Impending Doom’s song, Murderer (we called it baptized in filth)



Songs played this episode:


Aug 14

Episode 14: Chimaira, Threat Signal, Dark Sermon and supporting your favorite bands

chimaira-tour-poster_smallEpisode 14 is here and what an episode it is! I hope you like Chimaira, because this episode is chock full. We saw them live in Santa Cruz, CA at the Catalyst on 8/9. We were lucky enough to get to hang out with Matt, Emil, and Austin after the show. We also met John, Matt and Joey from Threat Signal (A band you definitely need to check out), and Johnny, Austin and Neal from Dark Sermon (again, you gotta check these guys out!). While the turnout was certainly not what I’d hoped for, all the bands still killed it playing excellent sets.

It’s always such an interesting experience when you get to talk to the bands and hear what life on tour is like. In this episode we discuss supporting the bands and what you, the fan can do. Got an opinion about it? Send us an email telling us what you think the best way to supports bands is.



Songs played this episode:

Aug 05

A quick update about song links in posts

I wanted to post a quick update about the song links posted in Episode 13.

I’ve been trying to think of ways to better help the bands we discuss while also helping pay for hosting, recording equipment, concert tickets,  and the music we play during the podcast. A couple reasons:

  • At AAM, we buy all of the music you hear us play unless otherwise specified (when I play a song off youtube).
  • Our podcasts are ad-free and I want to keep it that way.
  • We play a lot of smaller bands. You don’t always hear us playing the big 4.
  • Our goal is to share the music we love, have fun and be a part of the heavy metal community
  • We need to continually upgrade our gear to provide the best sounding podcast we can
  • I am not interested in ever going to a paid model or premium podcast, we’ll always be free

So, I figured what better way to support the bands than to link to their albums on the Amazon MP3 Store where I feel the prices are not only really good, but you also get DRM free songs, and the Amazon Cloud Player and Autorip services are pretty sweet (I use them too).

We mention in Episode 13, bands don’t generally make their money from record sales, they make them from merch sales, so we’ll also be working on some sidebar ads to shirts and other merch the bands have for sale on Amazon. Downloading their music does help because the more downloads the band has, the better the band’s chance of continuing to tour and retain a label (you’d be surprised how close some bands are to disappearing).

So, going forward, we’ll be linking the songs played in each episode to the bands album on Amazon. I’ll be editing old posts to update/add the song lists as well. I thought I’d answer a few questions that may come up. If you don’t see yours, feel free to email us and I’ll respond ASAP.

Q: Since your adding this new “feature”, will you be playing more commercially successful bands in order to generate more revenue?

A: Nope, we play the bands and songs we love. I won’t be filling entire podcasts with Metallica or Megadeth, etc…most of the time, we just play what comes to mind based on what we’re talking about. I generally only purposely determine the intro song, and anything that fits what we’re discussing.

Q: Will you be playing more songs per episode to pad the show in hopes to bring in more money for yourself?

A: No, we really try to keep the shows at about 1 hour (sometimes we run over, sometimes we run shorter, but not often). I am not trying to change the show at all, I am just trying to get the site to pay for itself as we grow.

Q: What if a band doesn’t have their songs on Amazon? Will you still play them?

A: Absolutely! Local / smaller, less known bands don’t generally have itunes or Amazon MP3 accounts (though it’s easy to set up with CD Baby). This will not change our decisions to play a band’s songs, just how we link you to the songs if you’re interested in listening/buying.

Q: Does this really help the bands?

A: I truly believe that we’re helping the bands by doing this. If we meet bands and they tell us otherwise, we’ll change our links direct you to those sites/locations that best help the band. I think my profit share for any single MP3 purchased is 5% (that’s $.05 cents a song if it sells for $.99), so I am not really trying to get rich here.

As always, thanks for listening, Episode 14 will be up early next week after we see Chimaira live (can’t wait!!).

We’d love to hear from you, send us questions or comments: @askametalhead / Facebook / Email

Rock on!


Aug 05

Episode 13: Meeting Chelsea Grin & Veil Of Maya, The All Stars Tour, and Obituary’s Kickstarter

What’s up everyone? Man, where has summer gone? August already!!! Savannah and Zachary start school in a couple weeks, but rest assured, we’re not slowing down. Outside the occasional schedule change, we are committed to posting a podcast per week for you! allstars2013

Episode 13 (my lucky number): On this episode we discuss meeting Chelsea Grin and Veil of Maya at the All Stars Tour show in San Francisco on 8/1. It is easily one of Zachary’s favorite moments so far. How often do you get to meet one of your favorite bands? Not very often right? Well, how often does every member of the band come off their tour bus to talk to you? Even less often I’d say. Well, the guys in Chelsea Grin and Veil of Maya all did, and let me tell you, it was super cool!!! We also answer 3 questions from you listeners!!

We also got to talk to Steven and Ricky from IWrestledABearOnce, and they were very cool as well. We learned that Courtney actually joined the band while they were touring on Warped after the original singer Christa literally emailed them to tell them she was pregnant and not coming to play the Dallas show. They contacted Courtney, who quit her job, jumped on a plane and played the very next show!!!

We also discuss Obituary’s Kickstarter, which is hugely important! We here at AAM backed Obituary for $200.00. I am excited to announce that they met their initial 10,000 goal in 1 day!!! Their well on their way to meeting the 1st stretch goal too.

Chimaira’s new album – Crown Of Phantoms gets a little love in this episode, but we’ll be really discussing the tunes in an upcoming episode after we see them live on 8/9 in Santa Cruz, CA at The Catalyst, so stay tuned for more Chimaira goodness.

As always, check out the episode and let us know what you think. We’ll be posting show pics soon. I have to fix our gallery plugin first.

Songs played this episode:

Bands mentioned:

  • Blind Guardian – Valhalla
  • Iced Earth – Travel in Stygian
  • Nevermore – Poison Godmachine
  • Nightwish – Ever Dream
  • Dream Evil – The Book of Heavy Metal

Follow us on twitter at @askametalhead and Facebook.  Thanks everyone!!

Aug 02

Help Obituary fund their new album through Kickstarter


One of the founding fathers of death metal is kickstarting their next album. Show them some love and go support them. To put our money where our mouths are here at AAM, I backed them for 200.00. You can check out the kickstarter here.

If you’re not familiar with Obituary:

Listen to their tunes on Youtube:

Jul 23

Episode 12 – Why we love Kittie, converting friends to metal with Chimaira, and a ton of tunes

This episode, we discuss why we love Kittie so much and how both Savannah and Zack are converting their non-metal listening friends to metalheads by having them listen to Chimaira!

We also talk about our first week really using twitter to get in touch with potential listeners and the bands we love.  For those of you that listen, here’s the heavy metal Pug-huaha herself; Captain Dipshit (Sakura), showing your her totally normal DERP FACE!!!


Songs played in episode 12:

Kittie (Empires Pt. 2, What I Always Wanted, We Are the Lamb)
Gemini Syndrome (Resurrection)
Fall Rise (Back From the Dead)
Burn After Me (Abduction)
Devildriver (Ruthless)
Carnifex (Until I feel Nothing, Angel of Death, Lie to My Face)
Shaded Enmity (Sadness in Summer Rain)
Despite (As You Bleed, Unexceptional)
Exodus (Blacklist)

Killswitch Engage
Lamb Of God
Asking Alexandria


Jul 12

Episode 11 – back into the pit! and a new tagline: Ask a Metalhead: You’re Metal Education

We’re back! After a long hiatus to focus on grades, travel, work, etc… We’re back with episode 11. We discuss the year in metal so far, the new Chimaira album and tour (back to CA, it’s about fucking time!), and we’re joined by our new host and my long-time friend and band-member, Brian. I think you’ll like what Brian adds to the show from a musician’s perspective as well as the types of metal he listens to.

With episode 11, you’re going to see a weekly release of our podcast. We’re changing the format slightly and we’re doing a little more audio editing to make listening more enjoyable. We want you to feel like you’re sitting in the room with your friends talking about and sharing good music!

I’ve also been involved with Waterfront Comics’ new podcast, 4 J’s and a Comic, which you can check out here as well as clicking the link in the sidebar. I’ve also been doing guest appearances on The Geek Life podcast, hosted at Both are excellent listens if you’re into comics, whether you just read them or create them.

John from asks, “I want to start listening to Slayer. Where should I start?” Listen to episode 11 to hear our recommendations.

Bands in this episode:

  • Exodus, (The Last Act of Defiance)
  • Born of Osiris, (Follow the Signs, Two Worlds of Design)
  • Pantera, (Shedding Skin)
  • Slayer, (South of Heaven, World Painted Blood)
  • Chimaira, (Frozen in Time, Scum of the Earth)
  • Cattle Decapitation, (Living Breathing Piece of Defecated Meat)
  • Job for a Cowboy, (Entombment of a Machine)

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